Performance camshafts are crucial components in enhancing the efficiency and power output of internal combustion engines, especially in heavy-duty trucks.

These camshafts improve engine performance by optimizing valve timing, increasing horsepower and torque. This introduction highlights top brands in the performance camshaft market and their popular products.

Comp Cams

Comp Cams is a leading name in the performance camshaft industry, known for its innovation and high-quality products. Their camshafts are engineered to provide a blend of power, reliability, and efficiency. Two popular lines from Comp Cams are:

Thumpr Camshafts: Renowned for their aggressive idle sound and excellent performance across a broad RPM range. These camshafts are ideal for enthusiasts who want both performance gains and an impressive exhaust note.


Aggressive Idle Sound: The unique lobe design of Thumpr camshafts creates a deep, choppy idle that stands out, giving the engine a powerful and menacing rumble. This sound is often associated with high-performance engines and adds to the vehicle’s overall appeal.

Broad RPM Performance: Thumpr camshafts are engineered to deliver strong performance across a wide RPM range. This ensures that the engine responds well not only at higher RPMs but also during low and mid-range driving conditions. The broad powerband means improved acceleration, better throttle response, and enhanced driving dynamics in various situations.

Performance Gains: By optimizing valve timing and lift, Thumpr camshafts can significantly boost horsepower and torque. This makes them an ideal upgrade for those looking to enhance their engine’s overall performance without extensive modifications.


Magnum Camshafts: Part of the High Energy line, designed to offer significant performance improvements over stock camshafts. These are suitable for a variety of applications, from daily drivers to performance street trucks.


High Energy Design: Magnum camshafts feature advanced lobe profiles and precise engineering that optimize valve timing and lift. This results in improved airflow into and out of the engine, leading to better combustion and increased power output.

Significant Performance Gains: Compared to stock camshafts, Magnum camshafts deliver noticeable increases in horsepower and torque. These gains are achieved without the need for extensive engine modifications, making them a cost-effective upgrade for performance enthusiasts.

Durable Construction: Made from high-quality materials, Magnum camshafts are built to withstand the rigors of high-performance driving. Their robust construction ensures reliability and longevity, even under demanding conditions.

Crane Cams

Crane Cams is another well-established brand, recognized for its precision and durability. With decades of experience in the performance automotive industry, Crane Cams has built a reputation for producing high-quality camshafts that meet the needs of enthusiasts and professional racers alike.

Their wide range of camshafts is designed to cater to different performance levels and engine types, ensuring that every driver can find the right camshaft for their specific application.

PowerMax Camshafts:

PowerMax Camshafts are engineered for high performance, providing substantial increases in horsepower and torque. These camshafts are designed with advanced lobe profiles that optimize valve timing, allowing for better airflow and combustion efficiency. Key features and benefits include:

High Performance Design: PowerMax camshafts feature aggressive lobe profiles that maximize valve lift and duration. This results in significant power gains, especially at higher RPMs, making them ideal for performance-oriented applications.

Substantial Horsepower and Torque Increases: By improving the engine’s breathing capabilities, PowerMax camshafts can deliver noticeable increases in horsepower and torque. This makes a marked difference in the vehicle’s acceleration and overall performance.

Street and Racing Applications: These camshafts are versatile enough to be used in both street performance and racing applications. Whether you’re upgrading your daily driver for spirited driving or building a dedicated race car, PowerMax camshafts provide the performance boost needed to excel.

Energizer Camshafts:

Energizer Camshafts are known for their reliability and consistent performance, making them ideal for both mild performance upgrades and more aggressive builds. These camshafts offer a balance of performance and durability, providing drivers with a dependable solution for enhancing their engines. Key features and benefits include:

Reliable Performance: Energizer camshafts are designed to deliver consistent power gains without compromising engine reliability. Their well-balanced lobe profiles ensure smooth operation and improved engine efficiency.

Mild to Aggressive Upgrades: Whether you’re looking for a modest performance boost or a more aggressive upgrade, Energizer camshafts have options to suit your needs. They are available in various durations and lift specs to match different performance goals.

Ideal for Various Builds: These camshafts are suitable for a wide range of applications, from mild street performance upgrades to more demanding performance builds. Their versatility makes them a popular choice among enthusiasts who want reliable performance across different driving conditions.


Lunati has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality camshafts that meet the demands of serious performance enthusiasts. Known for their precision engineering and robust performance, Lunati camshafts are crafted to deliver optimal power and reliability. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Lunati provides camshafts that enhance the performance of a wide range of engines, making them a top choice among automotive enthusiasts and professionals.

Voodoo Camshafts:

Voodoo Camshafts by Lunati offer a balance of power and smoothness, making them an excellent choice for those who want to enhance both low and mid-range performance. These camshafts are designed to improve the engine’s efficiency and power output across a broad RPM range. Key features and benefits include:

Balanced Power and Smoothness: Voodoo camshafts are engineered to provide a smooth idle and strong low-end torque, along with impressive mid-range power. This balance makes them ideal for a variety of driving conditions, from daily commuting to spirited driving.

Enhanced Low and Mid-Range Performance: The optimized lobe profiles of Voodoo camshafts ensure better airflow and combustion efficiency, leading to significant improvements in low and mid-range performance. This results in quicker acceleration and more responsive throttle.

Street and Strip Applications: Voodoo camshafts are versatile enough to be used in both street and strip applications. Whether you’re looking to enhance your daily driver’s performance or need a reliable camshaft for drag racing, Voodoo camshafts deliver the power and reliability needed for both.

Street Master Camshafts:

Street Master Camshafts by Lunati are designed specifically for street-driven vehicles, providing a good balance of performance and drivability. These camshafts offer enhancements that make everyday driving more enjoyable while delivering noticeable performance gains. Key features and benefits include:

Optimized for Street Performance: Street Master camshafts are tailored to improve the performance of street-driven vehicles. They provide a boost in horsepower and torque without sacrificing drivability, making them perfect for daily drivers who want more power.

Improved Drivability: The lobe profiles of Street Master camshafts are designed to ensure smooth engine operation and consistent performance. This results in better throttle response, smoother acceleration, and an overall more enjoyable driving experience.

Versatile Performance: While optimized for street use, Street Master camshafts also offer enough performance enhancements to satisfy enthusiasts who occasionally push their vehicles harder. They strike a balance between everyday practicality and performance excitement.


Crower is a trusted name in performance camshafts, recognized for their commitment to using high-quality materials and advanced engineering techniques. With decades of experience, Crower has established itself as a leader in the performance aftermarket industry, providing camshafts that cater to a wide range of applications. Their camshafts are engineered to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and durability, making them a popular choice among performance enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Baja Beast Camshafts:

Baja Beast Camshafts by Crower are specifically designed for off-road and heavy-duty applications, offering superior durability and performance in tough conditions. These camshafts are built to withstand the rigors of demanding environments, making them ideal for off-road vehicles, trucks, and other heavy-duty applications. Key features and benefits include:

Superior Durability: Baja Beast camshafts are constructed from high-quality materials that can endure the extreme stresses and harsh conditions of off-road and heavy-duty use. This ensures long-lasting performance and reliability, even in the most challenging environments.

Enhanced Performance in Tough Conditions: Engineered to provide optimal performance in off-road and heavy-duty applications, Baja Beast camshafts deliver improved torque and power. This makes it easier for vehicles to navigate difficult terrains, carry heavy loads, and perform other demanding tasks.

Optimized for Off-Road Use: The lobe profiles of Baja Beast camshafts are designed to enhance low-end torque and mid-range power, which are crucial for off-road driving. This results in better throttle response, increased traction, and improved control in off-road conditions.

Performance Level Camshafts:

Performance Level Camshafts by Crower are available in various profiles to match different performance needs, from mild upgrades to full-race applications. These camshafts are designed to offer significant performance improvements, allowing drivers to achieve their desired level of power and efficiency. Key features and benefits include:

Wide Range of Profiles: Performance Level camshafts come in a variety of durations and lifts, catering to different engine builds and performance goals. Whether you need a mild upgrade for better street performance or a more aggressive profile for racing, Crower has a camshaft to suit your needs.

Tailored Performance Enhancements: By selecting the appropriate camshaft profile, drivers can tailor their engine’s performance to match their specific requirements. This customization ensures that you get the most out of your engine, whether for daily driving, street performance, or competitive racing.

Mild to Full-Race Applications: Performance Level camshafts are versatile enough to be used in a wide range of applications. From mild street upgrades that enhance drivability and fuel efficiency to full-race camshafts that maximize horsepower and torque, Crower provides options for every level of performance enthusiast.

Each of these renowned brands—Comp Cams, Crane Cams, Lunati, and Crower—offers a variety of camshafts meticulously designed to enhance the performance of heavy-duty trucks. (There are other brands not mentioned, but these are a few options)

These camshafts focus on several key performance aspects, including increased horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. By upgrading to a performance camshaft from any of these brands, truck owners can experience significant improvements in their vehicle’s engine dynamics, leading to better overall performance and driving satisfaction.