1292887 | Caterpillar C10 camshaft | Reman


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1292887 | Caterpillar C10 camshaft | Reman

Description: 1292887 is the remanufactured part number for a Caterpillar C10 camshaft.

Compatibility: Tailored for Caterpillar C10 engines, ensuring a precise fit and optimal function. This compatibility is crucial for maintaining engine performance and efficiency.

Remanufacturing Quality: The camshaft undergoes a comprehensive remanufacturing process that includes inspection, cleaning, repairing, or replacing damaged components, and testing to meet original specifications. This ensures the camshaft performs similarly to a new part.

Performance and Reliability: Despite being remanufactured, this camshaft is designed to deliver the performance and reliability expected of Caterpillar parts, thanks to strict quality controls.

Environmental Benefits: Remanufacturing reduces waste and the need for new raw materials, supporting more sustainable repair practices.

Professional Installation Recommended: To ensure proper timing and performance, professional installation of the camshaft is advised. This helps avoid potential issues and ensures the engine operates efficiently.

Engine Performance Enhancement: Installing a remanufactured camshaft can help restore or even improve the engine’s performance, affecting fuel efficiency, emissions, and overall operation.

Core deposit: There is a $300 core deposit charged at the time of sale. We accept core returns up to 3 months after you have purchased your part. If you need us to send you a UPS return label once you are ready to return your core, please contact us.

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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 47 in


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